Martin Vongrej (SK)

born in 1986 in Bratislava (Slovakia)


Supported by The Minister of Culture of The Slovak Republic


Artist statement

The one center point (points). Art of unceasing sameness in diversity. Nature art. (Circle has a consciousness) Consciousness of its depiction. Possibility of duplication of everything in reflection – frequency of translucent colour (note 1) possibility of questioning, possibility of awerness of consciousness (yes even, no uneven). Analysis of visual conditions. Interpretation, analysis of visual state. Visual state, or law carries in itself more than just simple condition. It is certain conscious symbol. Symbol of conscoiusness about consciousness. Organic (note 2) world interpretation. Guide to situation – thought space (note 3)- to walk around trunk of tree – still unattainable, unvisible space behind trunk; still hiding.. (decision to turn on left or right)

Equality of space in which I am creating and flat in it created. Display my thinking through place, (which is going to understand it). Unrecordable – potention of procesuality.

Last process of creation, that entertain me is compressing whole creation into homogenous media, homogenous outputs. Compressing this outputs into certain pattern, that in space grows according the situation, and its(pattern) indical for next random connections od particular parts, ideas(installations, projects, drawings, texts .. etc.).

In this principle I am dealing with degradated value (colour, flat) of particular parts, for ability of their grows in concrete space, but out of using of surface of space, but through grow onto lines in concrete space (volume). Also this concrete space is process into this degradated value into this growing pattern. Also output itself, filled up volume of space by this pattern, should be able to include into this organism (in fractal meaning). In this principle has every my output time identification as 4.9.1986 (note 4) -until- Today date – like one unit, with additional dating of today from reason of make it present(does it exist perfect repetition?) and updating into mentioned sameness in diversity. Ability of grow and detailed depiction depends from capacity of space. This principle of creation creates conditions for system of creation – growing from the one center point, random connections, updating into existing environment, synchronicity of ideas and self – postproduction. Everything visible and displayed is updated art piece – in memory of digital technology together with fast physical output in black and white print = remembering (updating, repetition) of my creation and also its displaying through given place, into the given place.

Consciousness (visual state, law) analysed by its interpretation/depiction, alive reacts and stimulate through myself to certain kind of “explanation“ of itself To certain synchronicity of phenomenons explained themself each other. It is effort to visual communication of mute influence. Effort to unification of medias, for some universal visual media.




(note 1) Colour of mirror understandable in case of mirroring/depictioning of nothing.

(note 2) It is scientific theory of Rupert Sheldrake, british scientist, which is opposite to mechanic interpret. of world.

(note 3) Unvisible space right now behind myself, and behind object in front of me, through which I cant see.

(note 4) Born date.