Land and House

The property is a casa colonica built in the 1950s, set into the landscape of a puglian countryside and recently renovated, keeping in with the original characteristics of the house. It sits on circa 400 square meters of land, of which 220 square meters make up the edifice and the rest is an open air external area with a textile structure ensuring shade and connecting the two halves of the house conjoined with a concrete courtyard covered with a threshing floor. It includes an original external oven and dining area. Farmers used to prepare meals here and burn excess wood from the land.

A classic Mediterranean ground level house built with calcarenite stone – a typical stone for the area composed by marine microfossils, with flat roof, which can be used for drying vegetables. The house has its own 3 hectares of land used as fields for cultivating produce. Ample olive trees, various types of fruit trees fill the fields, which are in the process of being certified as organic. In between the trees tomatoes, artichokes, aubergines, zucchini and many other kinds of vegetables are grown, which that can be cooked in the kitchen of the house or even preserved in oil for the winter.



Casa colonica





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